Manuscript Submission

SSEI together with TGI accept manuscript submissions for publication through our official publisher Avantgarde Press, the Kolkata based publication house of distinction. Preference is given to subjects and topic areas from the Humanities and Social Sciences, unpublished dissertations (both M.Phil and PhD), works of translations, critical editions of major texts, criticism and creative writing (poetry, novel, short fiction etc). Given below is a break up of approximate cost and expenses for publication under the SSEI / TGI imprint from Kolkata – India (Our publication house Avantgarde Press also has a foreign branch).

For details, queries and further information regarding publication please write to

The Editor, Avantgarde Press, C/o Shakespeare Society of Eastern India, 6A, Maharaja Nanda Kumar Road, Kolkata-700029, India.


send email to


Publication Costs and Expenses: and approxinate Break-up

  1. D.T.P – Rs 30 per A4 Page with two proofs read by the author.
  2. Final proof checking by publishers @ Rs 10 per A4 Page.
  3. Editing and Page setting, layout per A4 Page Rs 20. (by the publisher)
  4. Tracing Rs 5 per A4 page.
  5. Film Rs 25 per A4 page. (single colour)
  6. Print : From Tracing Rs 350 per forma and above (16 page per forma, A4 size 8 pages). From film Rs 800 per forma and above (Black and White) and from plate Rs. 3500 per forma and above (multicolour)


  1. Cover Design (multicolour – with three colour lay out) Rs 3000, bi-colour Rs 1500
  2. Cover Printing (bi-colour ) Silk Screen Free size Rs 900 – for three hundred copies.
  3. Digital Print (Multicolour) Rs 15.
  4. Offset Print (Multicolour) Rs 3500 (not less than 300 copies)


  1. Hard Bound special binding Rs 20 per Book
  2. Stitch and pin binding Rs 10
Delivery charge in Kolkata Rs 800 ; out of Kolkata within 100 kms Rs 2000 or as per rate.
Paper : Quality paper (Maplitho, Super Printing, imported Art paper) is used to print the book. Cost of the paper is determined as per market rate.

Book Publication

  1. I.S.B.N no is allotted by us.
  2. Out of min 300 printed copies 200 copies are given outright to author for his/her personal sale or gift purposes (Receipt book supplied by us in triplicate) As per publication rules, publisher will submit necessary number of copies to designated agencies, national and other libraries and Govt. sectors etc.
  3. Select no of V.I.Ps of the publication and media world will be sent copies by us for publicity purposes. A review may be published in the SSEI Newsletter, Biblios, Bulletins by a noted reviewer.
  4. A book launch may be arranged according to the author’s wishes. (The expenses to be borne by the author)- all arrangements will be made by us.


Generally vests with the author but is also negotiable.

Second Edition

In case of 2nd and subsequent editions tracing, film making , printing and paper costs and charges will have to be borne by the author. Normally no charges for DTP will be levied.

Special note on publication costs.
Currently in India a decent publication of a book comprising not over 200 pages and for 300 copies costs around Rs35000 to Rs 40000. We add a service charge of 20% of the above amount for overseeing and guiding the total manufacturing process, writing the blurbs and for write-ups on the jacket flaps, correspondence expenses etc.

N.B – All rates are negotiable according to quantity and quality.
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