Committees and Executive Bodies  

As per rules of the Society Registration act every year new Committees and Executive Bodies are selected by election. At the beginning  of the meeting the Secretary puts up the audited account to the General Members. If the General member accept the report then the Report is submitted to the Govt. of West Bengal. The list of office bearers of the Society for the year (2009 -2010) is given below.

  Name   Designation Occupation  
  Prof. Amitava Roy   Executive President & Co-founder Service  
  Prof. Subir Dhar   Secretary Service  
  Dr. Tapu Biswas   Jt.Secretary Service  
  Prof. Shreela Roy   Treasurer Service  
  Prof. Debnarayan Bandyopadhya   Executive Member Service  
  Prof. Goutam Ghosal   Executive Member Service  
  Prof. Sujato Ghosh   Executive Member Service  
  Dr. Lipika Sikdar   Executive Member Service  
  Dr. Barun Sikdar   Executive Member Service